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Community of Practice Policy

As a member of a Core Community of Practice, I agree to: Treat each member with kindness, respect and generosity.  Post questions or resources only related to the purpose of this group. I agree not to post ads or promotions unless they are first approved by one of the admins, and they must be related to the purpose of this group. Not post requests for tefillah or shidduchim. Use the admins of this group to resolve any issues or check if a question or post is appropriate when I'm unsure.

Core Daas Torah Policy

This international community is made up of women from across the spectrum of Orthodoxy. One of the goals of this community is to create an open, and respectful conversation where everyone feels comfortable no matter their background or level. This community is made up of dedicated and knowledgeable Torah teachers. Shailas can be expanded upon but are not answered in this group. Everyone should look to their own halachich authority for specific answers to their questions.

Teacher's Lounge Community

Core’s Teacher's Lounge Community of Practice is for middle school and high school Limudei Kodesh Teachers and Mechanchos

Our community is for trained kallah teachers who have taught at least three kallahs.

Therapists and Trauma Healers Community

This community of practice is for observant licensed mental health clinicians with a minimum of a master's degree and/or certified trauma healers with a minimum of 2 years of certified trauma training.

Doula Community

Core’s Community of Practice for Doulas and Birth Support Women is a community of women who join together to share experiences, advice, ideas, resources and knowledge. This community is comprised of doulas and childbirth support women who are all passionate about providing emotional and physical support to mothers during their pregnancy and childbirth, and are looking for ways to grow and connect with other women who share a similar passion.

Death and Bereavement Supporters

This is a community for those who support others in times of grief and mourning. Professional development will be offered as these women continue to learn and grow from and with each other as they improve their skills and efficacy in their sensitive work.

This community is for women who actively participate in a traditional Chevra Kadisha.  It is made up of women who engage in and are passionate about the practice of tahara. They are all interested in growing, learning, connecting, sharing, networking and supporting each other.Please fill out the form below so that you can join our growing community.  We look forward to welcoming you to Core's Community of Chevra Kadisha women.

JETS (Jewish Emotional Teen Support)

This group is made up of women, with both professional and lay roles, with a common passion to work together to understand and develop ways to strengthen and advance better mental health and well-being for shomer Shabbos teens.


The Core Communities of Practice are communities of women who connect in person and via several virtual channels including our WhatsApp groups, our Community Space and Forum, and video conferencing.

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